The recordkeeping tool that every one of your Distributors, Independent Contractors, or Association Members should have

Help them save time and money so they can spend more time on YOUR business by recommending ‘Simplazz 1-2-3’ for their business record keeping.

Over recent years the Network Marketing industry has gone through many changes.

For example, consultants are becoming better business people and, with advances in technology, depend more and more on applications to help them save time and money in managing their business.

Many Network Marketing companies have also come to realize that a consultant who is better equipped and more knowledgeable will be better producers and remain in the business longer.

The following quote was taken from an article 'Tax Reporting Obligations for Direct Sellers' published in the DA 'Dialogue' and written by W. Jack Millar (Millar, Wyslobicky and Kreklewetz), a lawyer who represents many Direct Selling companies.

“To further support the business nature of their activities, Consultants should be encouraged to operate their businesses in a professional, businesslike manner, which generally entails:

  1. Maintaining separate books and records, including bank accounts;
  2. Developing business plans, forecasts and strategies, and reviewing and amending such plans on a periodic basis;
  3. Analyzing each business expense from a cost-benefit perspective to determine its “reasonableness,” and avoid those that are “personal” and unreasonable;
  4. Eliminating unsuccessful business methods and replacing these methods new ones;
  5. Maintaining detailed time logs and records to support expenses and quantify any benefits derived from the specific expenses.”

Governments have also realized that many Network Marketing Consultants fail to keep proper records of their business activities and have become prime targets for tax audits. These audits have been increasing every year.

Therefore it is essential that a representative treat their business professionally to be successful. When representatives are successful, your company is successful. Simplazz 1-2-3 can help your representative do just that.

Most small business owners struggle to find tools to help them manage their businesses effectively and efficiently. Many financial tools try to make accountants out of small business owners. What small businesses really need is simple and integrated solutions that reduce complexity and save them time. Simplazz 1-2-3 allows a small business /independent distributor to enter their essential records in a simple and efficient manner without having to understand anything about accounting.

This application has been designed by Cashflow Manager, specifically for companies and associations who wish to provide this type of service for their consultants and we having been working with household name companies in the industry for over 10 years.

We believe that the benefits to your company/association of recommending this software will be:

  • Consultants will save time
    • Record keeping will be fast and efficient
    • Other record keeping/accounting systems take days or weeks to learn
  • Consultants will save money
    • Why buy more software than you need and then have to pay more because you do not understand it? Simplazz 1-2-3 helps the user keep great records but leaves the accounting to the accountants
  • Consultants will also be able to manage their personal finances using Simplazz 1-2-3
  • Your company/association will be seen as recommending cost-effective and valuable tools to consultants

"This program is a God Send and making my tax time much easier."

Jan Blackston - Avon Leadership, Avon Representative

"I have already utilized your program in my Avon business. Thank you for making it easy to follow and I appreciate the computer friendly part of it."

Gerri Rohr

"This program is so simple. Bookwork is definitely not my thing, and if I can use it, anyone can."

Ann Chesson, Herbalife Distributor

"Congratulations on a great program, I am a refugee from MYOB and then Quicken. My accountant recommended your program and I am absolutely delighted with the simplicity and efficiency. Yours in gratitude."

Kaye Whalen, Small Business Owner

"Thank you for providing a program that I can use and understand. As the most computer illiterate on this earth, I find this program so easy and have recommended it to all my friends."

Jody Medley, Small Business Owner

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in your product and service, for making an extremely beneficial contribution to the running of my business. Excellent product and excellent service, well done."

George Drysdale


Here’s How You Can Help Your Team

Simplazz 1-2-3 is designed to be the ‘SIMPLEST record keeping system on the planet’ and our products have won PC User Magazine’s Best Cashbook Software award 2 years in a row.

It is quick and easy to get started with our affiliate program where we provide all the assistance and marketing information you need to get Simplazz 1-2-3 out to your team.

Our affiliate program will also return profits to your company which also creates a win win for you and your team who benefit from a great product at a great price.

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