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The Best Small Business Accounting System to Manage Cash and Invoices

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The Best Small Business Accounting Software to Manage Cash and Invoicing

As well as all the features of Simplazz 1-2-3, Simplazz 1-2-3 GOLD also creates invoices, tracks the money owed to you by your debtors, tracks your supplier invoices and money you owe to your suppliers, and tracks inventory that you buy and sell.


The Features

Track and Manage Your Business Cashflow

Simplazz 1-2-3 GOLD has all the features of Simplazz 1-2-3 to record and track the money in and money out of your business. You can even import your bank statements to match against your records and add your transactions straight from your bank records.

Create and Manage Customer Invoices

Invoice your customers and manage the money they owe you (your accounts receivable) and make sure you get paid quicker. It is also easy to customise the invoices for your business.

Invoice From Anywhere

If you need to invoice your customers on site or from different locations, you can use the Simplazz 1-2-3 Invoicing App for iPhone or iPad and sync the invoices and payments back into your program. (Coming Soon)

Track and Manage Supplier Invoices

Track, manage and pay invoices from suppliers and manage your accounts payable to optimise your business cash flow.

Track and Manage Your Inventory

You can use the inventory list to speed up creating invoices and you can also track the inventory on items that you buy and sell so you know exactly what is on hand at any time.

All the Reports You Need

The comprehensive reports allow you to manage your business cash flow and make it easy at tax time.

Easy to Use

Simplazz 1-2-3 is designed so you don't need to know anything about accounting. It is very easy to use. Record the data, who you paid/paid you and allocate it to the right column. It's as easy as that.

Free Telephone Support

If you get stuck with anything, give our support team a call. The program also comes with 12 months free support and updates.

Full Money Back Guarantee

Simplazz 1-2-3 GOLD has a full money back guarantee. So when you finish your trial and buy the program, you can still get your money back within 3 months if you decide it is not right for you.


Price and Support

Simplazz 1-2-3 GOLD, including 12 months free support and upgrades, has a suggested retail price of $197. (Special... Buy now, pay just $127 and save $70.)

Your program comes with support for 12 months and this includes telephoning our support team as often as needed as well as any upgrades that are released during that time. You will be invited to become a Simplazz CARE member at the end of your 12 month free support term to continue these benefits. The current membership fee is currently $97 a year. This is optional but this is the best way to keep up to date with something as important as your financial records.